Commercial consultancy

Development of business strategies, from conception to execution, delivering value in problem solving, especially in CRM, in prospecting for new customers, identifying potential business opportunities in the target markets chosen.
The strategy is developed in a customized process to meet the needs of each client. In this sense, the following script is used:

◈ SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats): identifying the company's position in the target market, considering its qualities and deficiencies, whether in the product, service or both, business opportunities and factors that can make business more difficult, such as the performance of the competition, delivery logistics, exchange rate variation, etc.

◈ Mapping of leads and prospects:

  • ◇ Select potential customers by field of activity, product application and business potential;
  • ◇ Contact customers through Networking (own network of contacts that already exists), or by searching the Web, Magazines, Trade Fairs, etc.
  • ◇ Schedule visits (in person or via video conference) with key people (engineering, purchasing, etc.) to present the company's portfolio and identify specific needs;

◈ Turn leads and prospects into customers:

    • ◇ Develop a technical solution for the customer, by obtaining project data or requested service, working together with the engineering and sales teams of the represented company;
    • ◇ Create synergies in the client through multidisciplinary committees where different areas can participate in the development process;
    • ◇ Prepare technical and commercial offers for presentation to the client;
    • ◇ Commercial negotiation and closing of supply contracts;
    • ◇ Delivery follow-up and after-sales service.


Business mentoring

◈ Advice and professional development, sharing specific knowledge and situations experienced, in order to assist the mentee in improving their functions and decision-making in their company;

◈ Develop processes, create opportunities, analyze and implement commercial and business management strategies, evaluating the profile of managers, answering questions and pointing out solutions;

◈ Assist in the career transition to entrepreneurship, through professional development, through the transmission of knowledge and experience;

◈ Assist both in the creation of start ups and in the restructuring of the company, focusing on meeting the organization's demands, based on the needs and interests of each of the mentees.

Why choose us?

The search for a consultancy arises from the need to delve into a process or business with which you do not have much relationship, or if you have little knowledge, or even, despite the knowledge, you have many doubts.

IAC Consultoria de Negócios has a commercial knowledge with a technical background that is essential for an in-depth analysis of each case, allowing a delivery with:

  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Fair price
  • Personalized service

Our differential

IAC Consultoria de Negócios values individualized service, considering the inherent characteristics of each business and the particularities of each customer, without using a standardized, off-the-shelf, generalized service provision, as we understand that a customer's need is never exactly just like the other.

IAC values the response time previously agreed, serving customer service in the shortest possible time. The digital world speeds up responses, however, needs to provide the correct information and quickly.

Our motto is to guarantee the quality of the service provided to customize the customer.



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